Types of Retirement

Types of Retirement

Learn about the age, service requirements and considerations affecting the various types of retirement.

OPM works with your Agency’s personnel and payroll office to process your annuity claim. Regardless of the type of retirement, there are actions your personnel office must take in order to process your retirement claim. You can help reduce delays in processing by submitting your application in advance and by making sure your Official Personnel Folder (OPF) is complete. If you submit your paperwork early, your personnel and payroll offices will be able to complete their action before your retirement date.


Considerations when applying for disability retirement.

Early Retirement

Early retirement outlines Minimum Retirement Age (MRA) and annuity computations as well as Discontinued Service.

Voluntary Retirement

Voluntary Retirement eligibility is based on your age and the number of years of creditable service and any other special requirements.

Deferred Retirement

If you are a former Federal employee who was covered by the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS), you may be eligible for a deferred annuity at age 62. Use OPM Form 1496A, Application for Deferred Retirement, to apply for deferred retirement benefits under the Civil Service Retirement System.