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Services Online

You can use Services Online once you have received your claim number and temporary password.

To access Services Online you need your “CSA” or “CSF” claim number and a password. If you need a password, please send a message, including your claim number, to retire@opm.gov with “Password Request” in the subject line.

Use this website to:

  • start, change, or stop federal and state income tax withholdings;
  • request a duplicate Form 1099-R;
  • change your password;
  • establish, change, or stop an allotment to an organization;
  • change your mailing address and email address;
  • start direct deposit of your payment or change the account or financial institution to which your payment is sent;
  • establish, change, or stop a checking or savings allotment;
  • view a statement describing your annuity payment.